Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose Water is a fragrant water made from rose petals in water. In addition, rose water is distilled from rose petals, a byproduct of rose oil production for perfume use. It is used to flavor foods as an ingredient in some cosmetics and medicines, and for religious purposes in Europe and Asia.

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It is sometimes added to lemonade and often added to water to eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes in tap water.

Eating rose water is useful for relieving headaches and bad breath, and it also stimulates hormones and increases sexual desire, and to some extent regulates menstruation. We recommend eating rose water to heart patients and drinking a glass of doogh mixed with rose petals daily to regulate the work of the digestive system, especially on hot days of the year.

According to the old tradition, for every 30 kilograms of Rose, 50 liters of water is considered. Rose water from this amount will be  30 Liters. It’s called “rose water or perfume.” From the re-distillation of rose water, a  product is obtained which is called “double fire rose” or standard Rose water.

اThis type is better than rose water and its taste and smell are much more bitter than rose water. Therefore, because the water used in it is more evaporated and the resulting rose is more concentrated, it has the most therapeutic effect, so preparing this rose for home and medical use. Of course, from re-distillation, a more concentrated two-fire rose is obtained, which is very fragrant, and in fact it is called “pure rose”, which is less available in the market.

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